September 5, celebrated as Teacher’s Day in India, is being commemorated by the state government in Uttar Pradesh with various programmes. CM Yogi is also launching five very useful websites on this occasion. The portals are:


The portal has been developed for mapping schools of the state. With this, the information of which schools are located in the state, how many schools are near the city and which place would be suitable for building a new school etc. will be available online. This will make the system of establishment of secondary schools more transparent.


This portal has been developed for career guidance of students. Through this, after passing the class-10 and class-12 examinations, the information about which option the student should choose to improve his future will be available on the portal. Students will be able to get better advice about options regarding colleges, scholarships, skill development programmes, internships and education.


This an E-Library Portal App created with the objective of providing reading material to students. The e-library portal ‘Pragyan’ and mobile app have been developed to provide contemporary and reference material easily to students and the general public. The portal has a vast collection of e-books as well as information on competitive exams, entrepreneurship and startups, NIC e-Granthalaya and UP library network.


This portal has been developed to track what resources are available in which government school and for information, supervision and monitoring of the activities happening in the schools. Through the portal, online monitoring of the progress of teaching work, attendance of teachers and non-teaching staff and availability of physical resources will be possible in 2,357 government schools operating in the state as per the prescribed syllabus. The performance standards of schools have also been developed, on the basis of which the category of each government school will be determined. The system of performance based grading will lead to healthy academic competition in schools.


A webpage of every school has been created for the information of 20,941 self-financed recognized schools, 4,512 aided and 2,357 government schools of the UP Board. This webpage contains information about student registration, staff details, facilities, performance in various fields, examination results and outstanding achievements in the school for the public and parents.