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Your one-stop guide to the best of Lucknow, curated by those who know Lucknow best

Now Lucknow is an insider’s guide to all things Lakhnawi, and we don’t just mean kebabs, biryani and Rumi Darwaza. Of course, we will tell you where you can find the best kebabs in town, but we also want to tell you about so much more that the city has to offer. From eating out to ordering in, from culture to cafes, from outdoor activities for kids and indoor venues for parties, from chikan for cheap to bespoke boutiques, from weekend plans to shopping sprees – if you’ve ever thought about it, we will talk about it.

Devanshi Seth
Founder, Editor, Idea Ambassador

Devanshi is a dreamer, a writer and a doting mother, who loves her holidays, sparkling wines and ideas! She was a journalist with the Times of India for 13 years. Devanshi quit her job as Editor of Lucknow Times, Kanpur Times, Banaras Times and Allahabad Times in 2016 and found inspiration in her hometown, Lucknow for her next venture — Now Lucknow.

Why Now Lucknow? Devanshi has lived in this city all her life, and loves it. She’s proud of the place the city has bookmarked in history, but it’s the changing face of Lucknow that excites her right now. Now Lucknow was born out of that excitement at what Lucknow is culturally and what it has the potential to become. The portal is an attempt to push tourism in the area, while giving an impetus to local businesses.