Why should art be reserved only for art galleries? Making art accessible to everyone is what Street Art is all about. Plus, it makes an otherwise dull and dreary wall fun and colourful. Exactly what Mouli and Manu decided to do with a barren wall near the Dainik Jagran Chauraha at Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknow.

Manu (left) and Mouli (right) pose before the labour of love – the mural near Dainik Jagran Crossing

“During the lockdown, we got a call about hungry stray dogs who were roaming the streets near the Dainik Jagran Chauraha. We both went looking for them with some food. While feeding and chasing them we found the place they were living in, and it was a really filthy and dirty little corner.” Mouli and Manu – who call themselves Jhabbrile, immediately decided to not just clean it up for the dogs, but also make it a little pretty.

It took them 10 days of planning and 4 days to execute this project. Not without challenges, such as a dilapidated wall on the verge of falling apart and with paint coming off in all the places. The completed artwork was definitely a rewarding experience!

This wall art is called “Chachi”. Why? Our artist duo Manu and Mouli, found a street dog in their colony, who needed to be looked after. They named her Chachi. for she was a favourite of the entire neighbourhood.  And that’s why this dog mural is called “Chachi”.

“Chachi” is an attempt by Jhabbrile to sensitize people towards street animals, especially dogs.

Whenever you’re in the vicinity of the Dainik Jagran Chauraha next, do stop by to locate this cute wall art and if you decide to click a picture, let us know!

To watch the making of the mural, head here:

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