Stone World on Faizabad Road, Indira Nagar, Lucknow is your one-stop destination for the fanciest decorative natural stones that can instantly amp up your interiors and exteriors, whether it is an accent wall in your home, an indoor/outdoor fountain, house temple, the flower beds or pathway in your garden.

Stone World offers a huge variety in decorative and fancy stones, you just have to name it! Ask for aggregate stones, pea gravel, lava rocks, flagstones, boulders, limestone, sandstone, pebbles, cobbles, Kota stones, brick chips, crushed gravel, river rock, gravels and marbles etc. Vineet Pandey, the owner of Stone World, will be happy to help you with the selection and purchase.

Some stone paving ideas
Why choose natural stones for your indoor and outdoor space?

A favourite of many interior designers, landscapers, architects and Bonsai enthusiasts, natural stones are so dynamic that they fit into traditional as well as contemporary settings, quite easily. But they are many other reasons why natural stones are considered a smart choice in interior and exterior designing:

Stones can be used in various ways to style a space

Natural & Sustainable: Stones were probably the first building material anyway. Readily available in different forms, natural stones help you lower your building’s impact on environment. There’s usually no external chemical process involved to create them,
Easy to maintain & Durable: The stones can last you a lifetime, if maintained properly. And they are the easiest to maintain. A little bit of soap and water usually does the trick when cleaning stones. However, sealants and finishes are also easily available to help prevent moisture, stains, wear and tear.
Trendy: Stone décor is a timeless trend! They come in a variety of colours and shapes and can be polished to give unique looks from shiny and glossy to raw and matte.
Flexible usage: Like we said, they can be used anywhere – from exterior walls to interior accent walls, pathways to flower beds!

Shop for stones for your bonsais, landscaping, and all other needs!

To find the right stone finish for your space, reach out to Stone World .

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