If you have noticed the imposing facade of the Dr. Shakuntala Mishra Rehabilitation University on the way to Lucknow-Agra Expressway or marvelled at the ongoing construction of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Medical University (ABVMU) on Sultanpur Road, or seen the recently built LMRC Housing Society – let us introduce you to Arch En Design, an architecture & design firm that has helped to make Lucknow’s modern landscape what it is today.

Dr. Shakuntala Mishra Rehabilitation University in Lucknow has been designed and constructed by Arch En Design
Planning and Creating Buildings for Almost Four Decades

A team of young, passionate and enthusiastic architects and engineers at Arch En Design (AED) takes credit for some of the new and iconic structures in the city, especially government buildings like the Jail Headquarters, Kisan Mandi Bhawan, LMRC Housing, Dr. Shakuntala Mishra Rehabilitation University and the on-going ABVMU Campus. With an experience of almost four decades, the firm was founded by Ar. Ashok Kumar in 1984, after graduating from of IIT Roorkee and has been contributing to our cityscape since.

The Jail Headquarters designed for UP Police

“Lucknow’s architecture is a rich mélange of architectural styles from around the world – Mughal, Indian, British and European. The design and engineering team at AED works meticulously to weave together the modern interpretation of traditional architecture styles into modern spatial requirements of the Government and Private sectors,” says Annkit Kummar, VP Design and Planning.

AED Specialty
A computer-generated image of what the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Medical University will look like once its completed

The AED team specializes in recreating traditional architectural elements like domes, stone/ GRC jaalis, stone colonnades, arches on a grand scale, combined with spatial modernity. The firm tries to source raw materials and craftsmen locally in their endeavour to create environment friendly spaces.

A multi-disciplinary architecture and services firm, AED provides expert services in Architectural Design and Engineering, Integrated Planning, Urban Planning, Project Management Consultancy, Landscape Planning and Advisory Solutions.

The firm has an array of projects in Government and Private sector across the nation under their belt. These include healthcare facilities, commercial setups, housing societies in several cities like Lucknow, Kanpur, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Gorakhpur and more.

The LMRC Housing Society has been designed and developed by Arch En Design
The Team

Headed by Annkit Kummar, VP Design and Planning, Arch En Design has an experienced, creative and knowledgeable team of 200 professionals which is its most valuable asset. The team takes special care to cater to their clients’ needs by adopting a holistic approach towards Project Delivery. Meticulous in their planning as well as conduct, the team follows a single umbrella approach in all their projects – from concept planning and feasibility studies to project completion. Arch En Design takes pride in their clients’ trust, satisfaction, loyalty and business gained through recommendations.


You can reach out to them on their email id, [email protected] or call 0522 4088222 in case of any queries.