Widely known as the ‘Chashma circle’ of Lucknow, Kaiserbagh chauraha is the city’s oldest market place for optical solutions and has some 15 optician stores. Some shops have stood long enough to witness the changing face of this locality, others have given way to newer avenues and businesses. 

Among the more noteworthy shops in the vicinity, you’ll find:
> BN Baijal, the oldest opticals’ store: Established in the year 1888, B N Baijal Optician in Qaiserbagh occupies a prominent place among opticians in Lucknow. From prescription glasses to sunglasses, they’ve got it all!
Timing: 11am to 9pm
> Hind: Standing since 1956, Hind is one of the oldest optician stores in the area and is famous for the variety of contact lenses they offer among other services like prescription glasses, eye testing, sunglasses of all major brands.
Timings: 11a.m to 8:30pm. All days open.

An undated picture of the Qaiserbagh Circle

> Nigam Opticals & Hearing Aid Centre & VisionKart: Started as an optical store, Nigam Opticals is now a specialist of hearing aids as well in the locality. Their offshoot next door: VisionKart is dedicated to wholesale and retail in optics with a stock of all major brands available country wide. They also have a year-round discount of 25% on all purchases, which goes upto 30% on bigger brands. 
Timing: 11a.m to 8:30p.m. All days open.
> ABC Chashmewale: ABC is providing optical solutions for over 50 years now. Their services include Digital Eye Examination and Computer Vision Clinic for accurate eye solutions. ABC has opened now at various locations across Lucknow and stocks all major international eyewear brands.
Timing: 10:30am to 9:30 pm. All days open
> Janta Opticals and Co.: In addition to the wide range of opticals available here, customers can stop at Janta Opticals for eye related consultation with Dr. Parveen Fatima, who has taken over the store after her father. They also offer a range of hearing aids services. 
Timing: 10 a.m to 9 p.m. Doctor consultation in the evening only. Open on all days. 

> Kishore and company Medical Store: This medical store has been around since 1926 and was the one of its kind for many years for its services in the locality. They specialize in all kinds of medicines including Ayurveda. The shop is relocated next door to its original location due to renovation but continues to be famous for its up to date services.
Timing: 11am to 9:30p.m
> Khalsa Store: A well known name among pharmacies in Lucknow, Khalsa has been the go-to for all kinds of allopathic meds and surgical goods.
Timing: 11am to 9:30p.m
> UP Premiere Homeopathic Store: For all your homeopathy meds, this is the shop to go to. It’s one of the most well-stocked homeopathy stores not just in the area, but all of Lucknow too.
Timing: 11am to 9:30p.m

AJ Metal House: Hidden in the inner Kaiserbagh circle, A J Metal house is your one stop shop for stamps, name plates and souvenir/trophy orders. They offer one day delivery for small nameplates too and give you a variety of designs to choose from. If you have something on mind, they will customize it too. Contact them for bulk medals, momentos and trophies for all kinds of felicitations.
Timing: 11:30am to 8:30p.m
Wings dry cleaners, dyers and darners: Started in 1969 with dry cleaning services at Rs. 2.5 for coats and 50 Paise for cotton clothes, Wings Dry Cleaners has a host of services to offer now including washing, Charak, Rafoo, Dying of clothes etc.
Timings: 10a.m to 8:30 p.m. Thursday closed.
FBB at Anand cinema complex: Popular fashion retail brand fashion at Big Bazar has opened at what used to be a Cinema Complex earlier. FBB offers affordable fashion to all age groups. Timing: 10:30am to 9:30 pm

Ashwani’s famous lassi

While you are in the vicinity, don’t miss these popular street food (and drinks)
> Soda shop Serving customers with Shikanji and flavoured Soda for more than 60 years now, this little soda stall next to Anand Cinema towards Latouche Road has been a favourite stop shop for shoppers at Kasierbagh circle. Best had in summers. 
Timing: 10:30 a.m to 8:00 p.m.
Ashwini Lassi: Next in line to the Soda Shop is Ashwini Lassi corner that is famous for its Lassi in summers and Chole Bhature, the year round. Devoid of sitting space for customers, Ashwini Lassi has held on to people for years through its taste and quick service. 
Timing: 10a.m to 10 p.m