A recent addition to the category of ‘sustainable living’ and ‘unindustrialized food’ is ‘Lucknow’s homegrown startup, Thy Mill. In simple words, Thy Mill is your go-to brand for freshly ground on natural stone and cold-pressed chakki atta.

It’s Freshly Milled

Once you place your order at Thy Mill, they freshly mill the atta for the quantity ordered. This helps them to not only provide their customers with fresh flour, but also to avoid preservatives required to store and sell flour milled in bulk quantities.

Cold-Pressed Chakki Fresh

The atta at Thy Mill is grinded at room temperature and at hand-speed. Why is that important? Because it helps to preserve natural nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and enhances health benefits as well as natural flavour. Customers can be assured of no dead calories, whatsoever!

Vedic (Natural Stone) Chakki Atta
Natural stone mountain chakki is used at Thy Mill to freshly ground a variety of grains

The brand procures natural mountain stone from Rajasthan to grind its atta, the traditional, Vedic way. It helps keep chemicals and other artificial substances at bay, unlike store-bought atta which is grind on emery stone. According to Thy Mill, modern atta chakki mills grind flour with Emery Stone, which is made up of mostly aluminium oxide and binding agents such as cement, synthetic glue etc, and might even have carcinogens. On the other hand, using a natural stone chakki involves no external heat generation that can result in nutrient loss. Stone-ground flour is usually coarser, resulting in lesser exposure to oxygen. Hence, keeping the nutrient packet intact.

Thanks to all these features, Thy Mill atta will help one feel light and energetic instead of dull and lethargic.

23 Types of Atta

They have at least 23 types of Attas available for its customers’ general and specialized needs.
Wheat Flour – With options like Organic Khapli (Emmer), Black Wheat, MP Sharbati etc.
Millet Flour – With options like Bajra, Jawar, Kakun, Kuttu, Raagi, Ramdana etc.
Other Flours – Like Oats, Alsi (Flax), Badam (Almond), Besan (Gram), Black Chana, Jau (Barley), Makka (Maize), Pumpkin Seed, Quinoa, Rice, Soybean etc.
Multi-grain Atta – Combines a variety of grains
Make Your Own Atta – Coming soon! Customers will be able to create their own multigrain atta as per their preference.

Sustainable Living is NOT more expensive!

If you think that since Thy Mill flour is made with so much effort and with such great attention to detail, it must be expensive, you’re wrong. In fact, prices start as low as ₹285 for 5kg of MP Sharbati wheat atta, which is at par with other famous packaged atta brands. So what you’re getting is greater nutrition and far better quality at the same price as store-bought atta.

How to Order

To place your orders, log on to:
Call: 80817 94805