Everybody likes holding on to good memories, and one of the best ways to preserve those memories is 3D hand castings. In Lucknow, The Sculptors – Casting Your Memories helps you turn special moments into tangible works of art. Whether it’s preserving memories of your child’s wonder years, a milestone like an engagement or wedding, or the special bond of a family, 3D hand casting is a unique way to do it.   

What is 3D Casting?

3D hand or feet casting is used to create a replica of your hand (or feet) by taking an impression of your hand. Once the mould sets, it’s removed, leaving behind a negative space which is then filled with plaster to create a solid replica. It is a simple process to create hand sculptures that will last forever. The result is a three-dimensional sculpture that captures the unique contours and textures of the client.

Enjoy the process

At The Sculptors – Casting Your Memories, the casting is done by the friendly founders – Dr. Prerna Sharma and Dr. Ishika Saraswat. First, they help you choose the hand pose that you want for the sculpture. You also have the freedom to choose the colour in which you would like it to be. They also offer a choice of display options to make the 3D sculpture look truly like a work of art! From wall mount frames for toy hands and feet with photos of your child, or stand-alone sculptures, they do it all!

Dr Prerna (extreme left) and Dr Ishika (extreme right) with happy clients!
Within The Comfort Of Your House

The Sculptors’ passion for 3D hand casting isn’t limited to their studio; it extends beyond its walls as they offer home appointments, ensuring your precious moments are transformed into 3D castings in the cosy comfort of your own space. This is especially convenient in the case of infants, who are most comfortable in familiar surroundings.

Great For Gifting

Besides the fact that castings are the perfect keepsake, as they capture cherished moments, they are also unique and thoughtful gift options for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Gift your loved one a 3D hand cast and we are sure they won’t be disappointed!

Don’t wait up and make an appointment with The Sculptors – Casting Your Memories. Get your 3D casting done today so that you can own a masterpiece and cherish it forever.

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