If you believe that learning goes beyond just books and classrooms, this event for children will have you interested. Kunskappskolan School is organising an event, called Be Skillicious this February, where children can learn various skills through hands-on activities. Come, see where your child’s interests and talents lie as they engage in fun activities like flameless cooking, telling stories, gardening and so much more.

When? February 17, 2024, starting at 10:30 am
Who can attend? Kids aged 2.5 to 12 years

Where? Kunskappskolan School, Sec-A, Pocket-1, Ansal Sushant Golf City, Arya Road, Lucknow

The activities at the event explore various skills and give direction to your child’s interest. From basic first aid to daily chores, they’ll gain confidence in everyday tasks which will help them navigate through life, for example:
Become an Author: Let your child’s imagination soar as they explore the role of budding authors. Through storytelling and crafting narratives, they’ll learn to express creativity and develop language skills.
Learn Navigation: Make learning directions fun! From reading maps to using a compass, kids will gain confidence in finding their way.
Budding Gardeners: Let them get their hands dirty while they develop a love for nature with their gardening workshop. Children will learn the basics of planting, nurturing, and caring for their green companions.

Flameless Cooking: Children will develop an interest in culinary arts as they learn to make tasty treats safely, without the use of flame encouraging independence in the kitchen.
Fashion Designing: Unleash your child’s inner designer! From sketching to bringing ideas to life, they’ll explore their artistic side with this activity.
Bonsai and Pitching a Tent: Through this activity, kids will discover the art of bonsai and outdoor adventure! Here they will learn about bonsai care and tent setup, nurturing patience and outdoor skills.

About Kunskapsskolan

Kunskapsskolan is a chain of Global Schools with Swedish origins. Translated into ‘Knowledge School’, Kunskapsskolan believes in student-centric teaching-learning methodology for its students. The school is spread over a campus area of 5.00 acres. It combines the CBSE syllabus with the unique KED program, a comprehensive program aiming at academic excellence through personalised education enabling students to be life-ready.

Be Skillicious promises to be a day of fun, learning, and growth for children of all ages. Mark your calendars, and unlock brilliance and foster skills beyond boundaries in your child. Follow the link given below for registrations.

Registration Link: https://forms.gle/ptUQpgfpxPDFhJYq7
Contact: 7234950000 & 7234930000