The Lucknow-Agra Expressway has made weekends more fun for Lucknowites, who can whizz off to the City of Taj within hours, and enjoy a change of scene at the many five star properties that are available at throw-away prices during the summer months, which is the off season for tourists. But for first timers heading off on the Lucknow-Agra Expressway, here are some travel tips to remember before they hit the 302km stretch of road.

1. Empty your bladder before you hit the road
Ladies, pay extra heed. There are no public utilities such as toilets on the expressway, yet. So before you hit the road, make sure you’ve emptied your bladder! However, just in case nature calls, worry not, there are petrol pumps off the highway when the expressway intersects the GT Road, NH2 and near Saifai.

2. Keep the car tyre pressure between 28psi and 30psi
If you are taking off for Agra in this heat, keep the pressure in your car tyres between , to avoid tyre bursts which are not unheard of in the summer months. Better still, get nitrogen gas for your tyres for highway travel.

3. Stock up on snacks and drinks for the way
Because like we said, there are no public utilities on the way, so don’t expect to find shops/vendors selling colas, chips or chewing gums.

4. Safe Speed
Needless to say, drive safely. The expressway roads are bump-free, traffic-free, distraction-free too. Mostly. So the temptation to speed is natural. But pay heed to your head, not your heart. Strap your seat belts on. And stick to 100km per hour speed limit. Stray neelgais, dogs and villagers on bikes and tractors coming in the wrong direction can cause you to jam on your brakes. Also, the highway is still under construction, and minor diversions need you to get your car speed under control.

5. Avoid driving in the night
Unless you really, really have to, avoid the Lucknow-Agra Expressway at night, because most of the highway is still unlit.

6. Carry your music
Good road trips don’t happen without good music. Since you won’t be driving through towns and villages, you won’t have those townscapes to keep your entertained. So, keep your music playlist handy. That’s pretty much all the entertainment you will have for the smooth ride to Agra. Apart from good company, of course, if you have that for the way.

7. Help is at hand
Don’t stress about your safety on the expressway. Dial 100 Police Vans are stationed at every few kilometres on the highway, and are ready to help.

Travel tips by Vikas Singh

Vikas is a businessman by profession, a road-tripper by passion. Highway is his way!