We are always looking out for interesting regional cuisine, and guess what we found: the Sindhi Koki. Koki is a simple but delicious flatbread, made in all Sindhi households. It’s almost like a paratha, but not quite. And rarely will you find it on restaurant menus. But we found a place in Lucknow where you can pick it literally off the shelf.

The Sindhi Koki is available at Good Bakery, Qaiserbagh. It comes in a pack of two, sealed in cling wrap, and with a mixed pickle by Nilon sachet to go with it. The koki has cumin seeds, chilli, onions and coriander kneaded into its dough and we love the taste – it’s spicy! And, it’s quite a meal on its own. We have had Koki that’s rolled out thinner, but that’s in Sindhi homes. This one is thicker, but tastes good nevertheless.

Fresh Koki arrives everyday at 11 am at the store, and is usually available throughout the day, we are told.

Price: Rs.60 for a pack of two
Location: Good Bakery, near Qaiserbagh Circle, Lucknow