By Harsh_1811 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
The bustling Nakhas stretch is home to many small indigenous markets and in almost every lane, you can expect to find a hidden treasure. One such hidden jewel in a narrow alley is the Sheermali Wali Gali – established back during the reign of the Nawabs. The Nawabs sure were foodies and on the request of one of the Nawabs to have a ‘different tasting roti’, the sheermal came into being. Though the lane has a variety of breads available, it is christened after the coveted sheermal.

Sheermal is traditionally kneaded with milk or ‘sheer’. The basic sheermal dough is made of ghee, flour and yeast and the rest of the ingredients are added as per required. The bread is baked in a ‘loha tandoor’ and interestingly, the oven walls are sprinkled with milk, which at times milk is flavoured with elaichi (cardamom) or kesar (saffron), to help the bread stick better. The preferred accompaniment to kebabs and nihari, the sheermal by itself is so delicious that many people enjoy it with a cup of tea for breakfast.

Sheermal Gali is a sheermal heaven, home to a variety of flavours, shapes as well as sizes. Some of the varieties you will find there are:
Everyday Sheermal: The slightly sweetened sheermal is hugely popular and is the most basic kind that is available.
Baqarkhani Sheermal: This is your everyday sheermal in XL size! With a diameter of 10 inches or more, this is often flavoured with saffron and is a popular item in marriages.
Hazri Sheermal: The thinnest variety available, this is mostly used as give-aways during Muharram.
Zafrani Sheermal: The richest of them all, the sheermal is lightly flavoured with saffron, and has a lovely pale to dark yellow hue to it. It makes for a wonderful accompaniment to kebabs.
In Sheermal Wali Gali, sheermals can also be customized to your liking – with or without colour, choice of saffron as well as size.

Recommended shop: Ali Hussain Sheermal (which is the oldest shop)

Price Range: Rs. 10/- onwards, depending on the size and variety of sheermal

Timings: 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Location: Near Nakhas Police Chowki, Nakhas

NL Tip: Avoid visiting the market on Sundays, when the crowded Nakhas Bazaar is on