We know your pet is like your family member. So on a day when you want to go shopping for your dog, cat and other furry creatures, just refer to our list of the best pet shops in Lucknow.

Certainly one of the larger stores for pet goodies in Lucknow, you will get everything for your dogs, fish, cats and rabbits here. Right from pet clothes, food, toys, towels, mattresses, chains, etc to medicines and first aid kits for animals. A kit named Royal Care which has everything your pet requires is available just at Rs. 6000 to Rs. 8000 depending upon the size and breed of your pet. Toys like balls, whistles and colour cards are available at a starting price of ₹100. He also keeps international brand products like Arden Grange and Wellness range.
Location: 3/537, Vivek Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Apart from offering products for pet health care, accessories, medicines and food, this shop offers a spa service for cats and dogs! And a crèche too. The spa includes a bath, hair cut, puffing, nail cutting and polishing and aroma therapy and message. Wow!
They charge  different prices for different breeds and facilities. Bathing for Dogs start at Rs. 300. They
only use international shampoo brands like Trisi and Sativa. The aroma therapy starts at Rs. 1500. They use exotic oils which are completely safe for animals. They use German nail cutters and gels for shaping the nails of the animals so that it doesn’t hurt them.
Location: LGF, Raj Palace, Purania Churaha, Sec- H, Aliganj, Lucknow

Ranging from health care to toys and snacks you’ll find everything for dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, turtle and birds, here. Apart from food, medicines and clothes he also has snacks for dogs like sticks, bones, and rolls. He also has cat and dog wipes and various types of deos, which are animal skin-friendly. He also keeps ayurvedic gels and after-baths for dogs and cats like Ayuani, which are priced around Rs. 800. They also have kennels and various types of cages for cats, birds, dogs.
Location: 1, Lohia Park Rd, Vijay Khand, Vishal Khand, Gomti Nagar

One of the bigger shops for pet goods in Lucknow, Zooland stocks up on pet beds, leashes, bowls, pet toys and accessories as well as a large range of  toiletries. The shop supplies goods for cats, dogs, fish and birds as well. You can also get various sizes of aquariums and cages for birds and animals here. They even have toys for bird cages to make your winged pets a little less lonely.
Location: Shop no. 8 & 9, Vijaisri Comples, Hanhemann Crossing, Viraj Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Not a very big shop at first glance, but well-stocked with very cute pet toys, feeding bowls, food, snacks and latest accessories for dogs and cats primarily. However, they also keep foods for fishes and birds. You can find dog diapers and pet wipes here, as well as a stain and odour remover to get rid of that stink that an untrained pet may leave behind when he pees or poops inside the house. They also have an assortment of animal and bird cages, as well as pet beds.
Location: M-8, Shop No.2, Gole Market, Lucknow

For people living around this area, this is their go-to for all pet needs. From pet food, to leashes, and pet toys, they have it all. They also have pet beds starting at Rs. 1100 and going up to Rs. 1600. Pet diapers, feeding bowls, chewing sticks, medicines are available here. You can find the latest pet droid here for your cat, that comes with motion sensors that detects your cat’s movements and responds with surprise actions and sounds. Also look out for pretty bird feeders.
Location: 46, Havelock Road, Near Yojana Bhawan, Lucknow

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