If you like to cool off with kulfis, we’ve got a ready reckoner for all the places serving the best kulfi in Lucknow.

King’s Kulfi at Aryan

We have found our favourite stick kulfis in Lucknow! King Kulfi may have shut down their exclusive outlets, but their kulfis are available in-store at Aryan Hazratganj. They have an impressive range of flavours to choose from – Thandai, Fig, Sitafal, Shahi Gulaab, Dark Chocolate, Black Forest, Kiwi & Apple, Strawberry…. The list goes on, but our favourite is their Paan kulfi. At any given time, however, you may not find al the flavours in stock. They usually have 8-10 varieties available. 
Price: Rs 50 – Rs. 70
Location: Aryan, Hazratganj, Near Raj Bhawan, Lucknow

This is kulfi heaven, if you believe us. Chanakya ki kulfi is sinfully rich with a blend of milk, malai, dry fruits and kesar. It is closer to rabri in texture and consistency than to ice cream. And that’s because the kulfi here is set not in a freezer, but by churning the ingredients in a cylindrical steel utensil – a modern day version of the matka – insulated with crushed ice. The kulfi is available only in the evening, post 4pm and sells out super fast.
Price: Rs. 500 per kg or Rs. 50 per plate.
Location: Behind KD Singh Babu Stadium, Subhash Chandra Bose Crossing, Lucknow 

Pic courtesy: Prakash Kulfi

Lucknow ki mash’hoor Prakash Kulfi was once the high point of tourists’ and locals’ culinary journey in the city. The small shop on the busy Aminabad chauraha is famous for its traditional kesar kulfi, which comes in two options: stick or with faluda. The kulfi has a unique kheer-like taste which comes with the boiling of the milk until a certain colour is obtained. The dry fruits further enhance the taste. They have now also added flavoured kulfis like butterscotch, chocolate, mixed fruit, paan, strawberry etc which will be available May onwards. The sugar free option for is also available. You can sit at the shop and enjoy the kulfi or get it packed.
Price: Rs.120 (half) and ₹60 (full)
Location: 1. Aminabad Chauraha, Aminabad
2. 2/432, Vivek Khand 2, Gomti Nagar
3. Near Gol Darwaza, Chowk 

Head here for fruit kulfis like Aphonso Mango, Chikoos, Tender Coconut, Muskmelon, Watermelon and other seasonal fruits. Most fruit flavours are now available almost throughout the year. But Litchi flavour will be available only by end of May. We particularly recommend their mango kulfi in the summers. They also have an option of sugar-free kulfis. The kulfi is served with or without faluda, depending on how you like it. Available for take-away or eating.
Price: Rs. 80 to Rs.120
Location: Sadar Bazar, Cantt, Lucknow

Moti Mahal

Definitely one of the most popular kulfi places in Lucknow! And why not, Moti Mahal is situated in Hazratganj, and it’s so easy to grab a quick bite while shopping in the market. You can taste the generous flavour of kesar in their kulfi, and we recommend you eat it with their orange and white faluda. That’s how we like this kulfi.
Price: The half plate will cost you ₹80 and full is priced at ₹140.
Location: Opposite Hanuman Temple, Hazratganj, Lucknow

Kallu makes water-based kulfis in fruit flavours like mango, orange, lemon and phalse on order. Usually, what he has in stock is milk kulfi. Kallu sells his kulfis on a thela in Narhi, during the summer months. He sets up his stall near Gopala Apartments, and then takes his cart around the neighbourhood. You can contact him on +91 98392 27885 to get his exact location. 
Price: Rs. 30 for Nimbu Kulfi, and Rs. 40 for Mango, Phalsa and Orange Kulfis
Location: Gopala Apartments, Narhi