Looking for a gift to take from Lucknow, but not keen on chikan? Try these fragrance shops that Now Lucknow has shortlisted for you, that personalise perfumes or attars (also called itr, or ittar) for their customers. Attars from Lucknow are among the most famous in the world, thanks to how the perfumery industry had grown under the patronage of the Nawabs. So, choose your kind of fragrance — woody, floral, spicy or fruity and they will add the notes (ingredients in a perfume) to make it like you want it. However, make sure you have plenty of time at hand, because it takes several sittings spread over a month or two to get a fragrance right. Definitely for the connoisseurs.

One of the oldest attar shops, Sugandhco has quite a fan following in Lucknow. But not all their fans know that Sugandhco can also customise a perfume or attar for you. Their range starts from Rs. 500 and goes up to Rs. 12,000! The minimum quantity that they will personalise for you is 500 ml.
Location: D-4, Janpath Market, Lucknow

Serving their customers over three decades now, the shop offers a wide range of customized products like attars, room fresheners, body mists and massage oils! The smallest quantity that they make is 50ml. A readymade bottle of fragrance will cost you somewhere around Rs.150 to Rs.10,000, depending on how exotic you want it.
Location: B-58, Sector H, Aliganj

Sugandh Vyapar’s perfumery is the stuff that folk lore is made of, and is among the the oldest shop in Lucknow. They also make personal fragrances for their customers. The shop personalises a wide variety of products like attar, air fresheners, bathroom fragrances, car fresheners, moisturizing oils, herbal packs, hair oils, etc. A 10ml bottle of aroma is priced at Rs.300 here.
Location: 7, Commerce House, Habibullah Estate, Hazratganj, Lucknow

Another attar shop that has taken on legendary proportions in the city, Izharsons has a variety of attars and perfumes that are manufactured in-house. Their signature perfume is Mogra Phul attar and perfume. They have a variety of floral and mixed flower attars, face packs, water compounds and other products. The starting price is Rs. 200 for a 10ml bottle. The more concentrated the perfume the more its price. They don’t usually customize perfumes or attars, but if you really, really  want it done, they won’t turn you away.
Location: Akbari Gate, Chowk and C-5, Janpath Market, Hazratganj