Young sports enthusiasts get ready, Uttar Pradesh is set to host the National University Games in the summer of 2023 on a grand scale. Various sports events will be held in different cities like Noida, Lucknow, Varanasi and Gorakhpur during the Games, and preparations are already on to make the event a success. Earlier, the first edition of the University Games has been held in Odisha in 2020, and the second edition in Karnataka in 2021. In the last event held in Karnataka, some 4,500 players from 190 universities from all over the country had participated.

What’s in Store

Said to be the Mahakumbh for young players of the country, about 8000 players and other staff will participate in it. Players will show their talent in about 22 sports. A sports village will be established in Lucknow by April-May 2023. Stalls related to the identity of Lucknow will be set up in this village, including a wide  range of chikankari clothing. Major railway stations and Metro stations will be decorated according to the theme of the Games. Lucknow University will also be decked up for the event. Regional sports officers have been made nodal officers in the districts where the National University Games will be held. Keeping in mind the health and safety of the players, special doctors and physiotherapists shall also be present.

Different Cities to host Different Events

A total of 22 sports have been included in the event. Different cities have been selected to host different sports on the basis of the basic facilities available in the cities. Instructions have been given to further improve these facilities. The following cities will be hosting these competitions:
Varanasi: Malakhambha – in which a gymnast performs aerial yoga or gymnastic postures and wrestling grips; Wrestling and Yoga
Gorakhpur: Rowing
Noida: Kabaddi, Judo, Boxing, Archery and Fencing
Lucknow: Badminton, Swimming, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Table Tennis and Shooting

It is noteworthy that 85 records were made in the last National University Game. Out of this, 65 came in the account of girls, so there will be a special focus on the performance of women players.

So whether you are a sports fanatic or no, it is sure to bring some excitement as you get to witness great sports talent in your city!