You know who’s a smart cookie? God Particle, a premium healthy snacking start-up in Lucknow, hat has introduced cookies with low calorie and carb count, along with high high fibre content. Additionally, the God Particle cookies are infused with more than 20 superfoods and herbs that help boost immunity and overall wellness.

Pic courtesy: God Particle
What is your diet style?

Imagine being able to indulge in yummy cookies even when on a diet! God Particle cookies are ideal for those on low-carb Keto diet or a high protein diet, or even those following a diabetic diet for low sugar and low glycemic index. With an aim to remove the myth that healthy food is boring, God Particle makes dieting easy and offers customers choices that they never had or were limited before.

“God Particle is a young-spirited, nature-inspired brand that you can trust for your health, wellness and nutritive needs. We provide expertly crafted snacks that are prepared with rigorous research and development and live up to all ingredients and nutritional values that we promise,” says Vardan Kesarwani, Founder, God Particle.

Variety Available

God Particle’s nutrition and superfood packed cookies come in two yummy flavours:
• High Protein Low Carb Almond & Cranberry Cookies
• High Protein Low Carb Almond & Chocolate Cookies

They will soon be adding more healthy snacks to their menu, promising a guilt-free indulgence for those who like to take their health and wellness seriously.

Pricing: Available in 240 gm packaging, these are priced at ₹599. However, there’s a special discount of 20% if you use the code ‘LUCKNOW’.
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