A famous quote says, “ A true artist is not one who is inspired, but someone who inspires others’ – this quote sure seems to apply to the next artist on our Support Local Arts series. Lucknow girl Kritika Mathur, a 24-year-old budding artist, hasn’t let cerebral palsy deter her from doing what she loves the most – painting. 

Kritika, was all of seven years old when she first discovered her love for colours and art. She would spend days, just dabbing away on the canvas, oblivious to the world around her. Her mother, who is into art and has an eye for it, saw her paintings and in an instant knew that there was something special about them, that it wasn’t just a play of colours by a child. Seeing Kritika’s interests, her mother encouraged her and guided her to become the best version of herself and use the canvas as a means to express her emotions. 

Kritika Mathur with one of her work

Interestingly, Kritika is at her painting best when she is upset or angry about something, usually when she has a bit of an argument with her mother or sister. She channelizes all that emotion into creating stellar art works. Her mother jokingly says that she isn’t that good a painter when she is in a happy mood. On an average, Kritika completes 1 or 2 pieces of art a day!

After receiving much encouragement from her family, Kritika held an exhibition of her works in Lucknow in 2016 and hasn’t looked back ever since – she has done three more exhibitions in Lucknow and one in Mumbai and has also been a part of many cultural fests.

Kritika’s paintings can be best described as abstract. Her work is typically in bright, vibrant colours. She paints with acrylic or water colours on canvas. You can check out Kritika’s works on her Facebook page, and ask for a quote if you are interested in buying her art. Her works are priced anywhere between Rs. 1500 and Rs. 10,000.
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