Looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle by using more organic, herbal and Ayurvedic products in your day to day life? Look no further. Divine Life Herbals – a store in Daliganj, Lucknow, aims to make Ayurveda accessible to Indian households again. With the tag line, ‘Back to Roots‘, the store has products that are natural, organic, Ayurvedic or herbal.

Arun Singh, Divine Life Herbals’ owner, says, “You will not find anything here that is harmful for your health and wellness.”

What to buy?

The store has a huge variety of things, from ration and grocery items to home décor, home utility, beauty products and even eco-friendly planters.
In ration and grocery, you can find a variety of organic pulses, flour, spices, olive oil, cooking oils, seeds, tea, sugar, honey, energy bars, desi ghee and even healthy sweeteners.
Home décor and utility items include storage containers, torans, wall clocks and décor items made entirely of cow dung. You can also pick up hand-painted wooden items such as trays, frames, organizers, pen stands, key chains and key chain holders among other things. 

Walk into your right as you enter and you will find Bamboo shelves full of natural beauty and skin careproducts. From herbal oils for face, body and hair to handmade soaps, natural creams and cleansers, face and hair packs and serums, shower gels and even tooth powders (manjan) are available. All brands that use natural products and are chemical free.
Look closely and you can also spot a shelf with organic and eco friendly planters. The staff claims they are very handy, sturdy and a huge hit as gifts.

Immunity Boosters

Divine Life Herbals has an entire range of products that aid boost immunity and help to fight symptoms of Covid-19. For instance, a mixture of herbal oils called Amrit Dhara to Chyawanprash – a bestseller, tulsi tea, giloy tulsi ark, Ayush kwath, triphala, Noni gold health juice and haldi prash, among other things.
Apart from this, there are natural sanitisers, disinfectants, floor cleaners and even washing powders that are made completely from natural and chemical free products.

If you are conscious about what you consume, and looking for a trustworthy place to pick up organic or natural items, you know where to head.

Location: Butler Road, Dalibagh Colony, Butler Colony, Lucknow
Call for home delivery: 77040 00802
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