In a world made of plastic, quite literally, we have found a home-grown brand based out of Lucknow that has all-natural beauty and personal care products! Prezerve can be best described as a New Age, water-less and plastic free brand of bath and body products. They claim that their concentrated bars are as good, if not better, than the liquid alternatives that we’ve been using so far, and will replace the plastic bottles that have invaded our bathrooms with eco-friendly and sustainable options.

Prezerve products

The brand has launched products for hair care, skincare and body care so far. Get your hands on their face wash bars which are toxin and soap free, made using botanical extracts and rich in antioxidants. The body wash bars are sulphate free. You can choose from three kinds of body wash bars – those infused with floral extracts, the ones with plant extracts like spirulina and nettle, or their coffee and walnut exfoliating body wash bar. The shampoo and conditioner bars had us intrigued. Could they possibly be anything close to the liquid shampoos and conditioners are hair is used to? Turns out, their shampoo bars are abundant in natural ingredients, free of sulphate, silicon, paraben, phthalate and palm oils, giving the other liquid products on the shelf a tough competition!

Why we love Prezerve

Apart from the fact, that these products claim to do wonders for our skin and hair, we love that Prezerve is a brand that’s socially and environmentally conscious, spreading the importance of sustainable beauty and personal care. The products are natural, vegan certified, chemical free, solid, water-less and long-lasting. In fact, the brand has also ensured that the entire process of manufacturing and the packaging is plastic-free ! Plus, the products do not burn a hole in your pocket, with products priced between ₹599 and ₹799.

About the founders

Prezerve is the brainchild of three co-founders: Dolly Suri – an entrepreneur, her husband Sagar Suri, who owns a perfumery business that dates back almost four decades, and Abhipriya Misra, a cosmetologist by profession. Together with their diverse experiences, the trio are making an attempt to revolutionise personal care.

So take care of your skin, hair and the environment by switching to Prezerve for a better future. You can order their products on Whatsapp.

For inquires, Whatsapp on: +91 90267 07130