In a world of personalisation, why should we settle for a pizza of someone else’s choice? Crusties, a new unique pizzeria in Lucknow, serves you authentic wood-fired, thin-crust pizzas made entirely with your specifications!

Owned by a young entrepreneur, Yash Khanna, the brand also feels young and energetic, eager to create a niche for itself in the food industry. For the longest time, we have been fed American-style pizzas by big food chains, but startups like Crusties are trying to bring in the authentic taste of pizzas to customers. And the best part? The foodies are loving it!

How does a DIY Pizza work?

Right from the dough to sauces and toppings, one can customize at every step. Currently they offer two types of dough – classic and wheat. However, there will be more variants added soon to the list.

Next comes the key ingredient of any pizza, the sauce! Crusties menu offers a variety of sauces that are authentic to Italian style pizzas. You can choose from:
🍕Italian San Marzano, made from Italian tomatoes of the Pomodoro Pilati family
🍕The mama’s sauce, a spicy and Indianized version of the classic Pizza sauce
🍕Pesto sauce, for the pesto lovers in the city

Steps to personalise your pizza with Crusties

Toppings: There are more than 13 different types of veggies options, out of which, customers can select upto five. Customers can also choose from six different varieties of proteins, including Rosemary-roasted Chicken, BBQ Chicken / Paneer, Peri Peri Chicken / Paneer and Paneer Tikka.

Sizes: There are two options available – Personal Wood Fired Pizza and a Large Wood Fired Pizza.

Portion: Enough to satiate your tummy and soul!  Personal Pizza is 8” and the Large is a 12” Pizza

Fun and Unique Packaging

Crusties doesn’t only get your pizza preference right but also knows how to set the mood right! Every pizza box comes with a unique QR Code Scanner. Scan the code and you can engage with the brand on social networks as well as access some amazing songs, curated through a Crusties Special Playlist! All you need to do is pour a drink, grab your pizza and listen to some amazing numbers to make your evening fun and special!

For Orders

Crusties is listed on Zomato and Swiggy and personalization options are available on both.
Alternatively, you can also go for a takeaway and order on phone, 0522-3542368