On our quest to promote local arts and artists of Lucknow, we have realized that our city is home to the most unique and talented artists. Vaishali Rastogi Sahni is one such artist, who makes masterpieces out of Paper Quilling.

For those who do not know, quilling is the art of using paper or paper strips to create decorative designs and crafts. From a very young age, Vaishali knew she was artistically bent and was always fond of creating things. She started small – by designing jewellery and cards and it wasn’t until 2012 that she found herself quilling.

What makes her so special, you wonder? Vaishali is probably the only artist in the city who does 3D paper quilling – that is quilling to create three-dimensional sculptures. Her creations are mesmerizing and one can hardly believe that they are made out of just paper! Though all of her creations are beautiful, we cannot stop admiring the paper statues of the many gods and goddesses that she makes!

Besides paper sculptures and miniatures, she also does famous monuments like the Statue of Liberty and Qutub Minar and other home décor items.

Her creations have attracted much attention in the past and she has also authored a book named 3D Quilling: How to Make 20 Decorative Flowers, Fruit and More From Curled Paper Strips. The book includes step-by-step illustrated instructions on the basics of quilling as well as how to make 20 bold and vibrant three-dimensional paper sculptures.

Vaishali has an Etsy shop here: 
You can see some more of Vaishali’s fabulous creations on her Facebook page:
She also has a website for her work:
Or you can contact her on + 91 91617 70484.