Out shopping for chikan clothes in Chowk in the summer heat? It can be a daunting task! Keep cool with these three local speciality drinks that you will find only in this part of the city:


Imagine a shop that’s been thriving only by selling thandai since 1936! If not for the love of thandai, then for the love of its legacy,  you must try Raja Thandai, which has hosted celebrities from films and politics.
The thandai here is not overly sweet, but it’s got a generous helping of dry fruits. The essence of gulab jal (rose water) adds to the taste, while kesar gives it the saffron colour and refreshing twang.
When to go? Anytime between 10am and 10pm
Light on the pocket: A large glass of thandai comes for a meagre Rs 50 while the smaller one is priced at Rs 40.
Feeling adventurous? Spike your thandai with bhaang at no extra cost, but be prepared for the consequences that may vary from a light-headed feeling to complete intoxication depending how much of it you’ve got added to your drink.

Nothing more refreshing than a glass of chilled shikanji on a hot summer day. At Mandu Bhai’s humble shop in Chowk, you get not one but more than 40 varieties of shikanji! The 55-year-old enterprise is situated in a bylane opposite Patanala police station. Don’t expect bottled water here but you do have the option of getting your shikanji made in soda.
Flavourful! His best sellers are Mukharra, Milk Badam, Khus khus, Roohafza and Pudina Shikanji.
When to go? Anytime between 11am  and 10pm. During Ramzan, it’s open for Sehri.
Takeaway option: If the Chowk ki galli is not your hangout style, you can ask them for the takeaway options for your shikanji.
Price wise: Shikanjis start for as low as Rs 15 and go up to Rs 40.

Cool off with a glass of Shree Lassi, another must-visit if you’re in the Chowk area. The lassi is made up of milk, sugar and a layer of keer. You can choose from their regular lassi, masala lassi and sugar-free lassi.
When to go? Anytime between 11 AM and 11 PM.
Price wise A glass of lassi will cost you ₹50.
NL Tip: If you’re hungry, try their famous Chola Bhaturas as well!