Some days you like simpler cakes with or without icing, but then there are those occasions where you just need a special cake because the day demands it! And for those occasions we turn to Walnut Bakery Lucknow. From weddings to anniversaries, kids birthdays and milestone celebrations, they do some of the most stunning cake designs. The highlight this season? The Chandelier Cakes, that are all the rage at engagement, wedding and anniversary parties!

In fact, Walnut Bakery was one of the first in the city to introduce these lavish cakes, also know as upside down cakes. They have customised these cakes in various colours and designs. Available in different flavours, the chandelier cakes can have three, four or five tiers depending on how decadent you want it to be. These cakes are sure to take your celebrations a notch higher. Prices start at ₹6000.

That’s not all. With three outlets in the city, Walnut Bakery has a wide & sumptuous range of cakes to offer. Here are their other bestsellers:

Kids’ Theme Cakes

Throwing a kids’ birthday party or planning to surprise your little one on their special day? Don’t hesitate to choose from a variety of themed cakes that the bakery offers. Character birthday cakes are a fun addition to the party theme. Disney theme, Superhero, Jungle Safari, Unicorn cakes, you name it and they make it.

Floral Cakes

Always the most popular cake, floral cakes at Walnut Bakery come in two options – with fresh flower decoration and fancy floral designs made of buttercream frosting or fondant. A few blooms around the cake makes a stunning statement and can up the aesthetics of your event.

Photo Pull-out Cakes

These cakes will surely take you down the memory lane. The cake topper is attached to a string of photos that come rolling out of the cake once you pull the cake topper. You can order a personalised photo roll pullout cake at Walnut starting at ₹2000.

Surprise Cakes

Just imagine the delight when you cut a slice of cake and spot a gift inside the cake. You can present your loved ones a cake filled with surprising gifts like a ring, a phone or party favours. Prices start at ₹2500.

Piñata Cakes and Pull-Up Cakes

Piñata cakes have been a rage for some time now. These cakes are filled with edible, fun treats. Smash through the hard shell to get to the inside. The kids love it! Jump onto the latest cake trend wagon and order these cakes for your special days. Prices starting at ₹1350 and ₹1200 respectively.

Choose from a variety of flavours for the cakes like Chocolate, Mocha, French Opera and Banana Caramel, other that the usual Black Forest, Red Velvet and Chocolate. What they really do best is Dark Chocolate cakes. There is Tiramisu with Baileys or Kahlua also available for those who like something high-spirited!

The variety of cakes at Walnut are sure to make your moments memorable. Place your orders now!

Locations and Timings

1. Park Road, Hazratganj, 8.30 am – 10.00pm. Contact: 81770 75844
2. Patrakarpuram, Gomti Nagar, 10.00 am – 10.30 pm. Contact: 75210 01369
3. Bhoothnath, Indiranagar, 10.00am – 10.00 pm. Contact: 81770 01030