NutriPlate India is Lucknow’s cute little 360 degree health cafe and store offering the most delicious food, completely healthy with no added preservatives. The brand has been around for two years now as a cloud kitchen, but the cafe opened up only recently in Mahanagar, near IT College Metro Station.

A unique menu

Nutriplate’s menu has everything calorie-counted, and nutritively accounted for. You can choose your dish based on the number of calories you want to consume. There is a dedicated 50-calorie, 100-calorie and 150-calorie menu, and for all other dishes too, the calorie count is mentioned. Interesting, right?

Healthy eating is the new cool. And at Nutiplate, the food isn’t just healthy, it’s delicious as well! You can now order your favourite Pastas, Kebabs, Burgers, Biryani in a healthy avatar. The Biryani is prepared with Quinoa rice, they use buckwheat flour instead of refined flour pasta, and the white sauce is prepared using Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds instead of maida, the Kebabs are made of oats and veggies and are served with multigrain Parathas! The best part is, you no longer have to compromise on taste while you are on a diet.

Oat Kebabs & Multigrain Paratha or Buckwheat Pasta – everything on the menu is super tasty & healthy
Healthy choices

If you don’t like your food to be cooked in refined oil, ask for flaxseed oil, sesame oil or olive oil.
They have options for healthy multigrain atta, protein atta and diabetic friendly roti as well.

The Nutriplate Store
Just some of the healthy snacks available at the store

The cafe also has an in-house health store stacked with some healthy snacks, poufs, energy balls and more. Fava Beans, Baked Quinoa pops, Baked Rice flakes, Cocktail seeds, Quinoa puffs – those are just some of the snacks you can stock for ‘conscious’ bingeing. We personally loved their energy ball – a laddu made of dates, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds and Granola. Nutriplate can also create customised boxes for gifting purposes. 

The Ambience

The cafe has both, indoor and outdoor spaces with a welcoming, homely vibe. Built around a 70-year old tree, the cafe has very green feels and we absolutely loved it! The rooftop with a swing chair, and fountain make for a perfect winter afternoon place for guilt-free outing with friends.

Other services

Diet Counselling: They have specialised dieticians on board to provide you with expert counselling on your eating habits and how to improve them.
Monthly/ Weekly Subscription Plans: If you are looking for a monthly or weekly meal plan, they will be happy to create one as per your needs.

Nutriplate India is available on Zomato and Swiggy as well.

Location: Faizabad Road, 11-B, Ram Krishna Marg, Lucknow
Timing: 11 am to 10 pm