In 2018, Swiggy declared Biryani as the most ordered Indian dish, and the Biryani delivery Industry was worth more than 2500 Crore that year! And to a Lucknowite, biryani is soul food. Apart from Idrees, Lalla, Wahid and all the other indigenous biryani brands that we have come to love, there are lots of newage biryani brands sprouting in the city. Serving mostly through cloud kitchens, can these brands give competition to our favourite Lakhnawi biryani? Now Lucknow sampled some of these biryanis to find out.


As the name suggests, you can order this biryani by weight.
USP: They promise to deliver biryani that is prepared in dum style, and every single order is cooked in separate clay handis. Fancy, eh? And fresh too!
Varieties: They have segregated their biryani menu on the basis of regions, for instance, there’s Lajawab Lucknowi Biryani, Laziz Kolkata Biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani and coastal Malabar Biryani. They have a number of options for vegetarians too.
NL review: Worth a try
Price: 1/2 kg ranges from Rs.325 to Rs.705
Insta Handle: @biryanibykilo


It has only been a month and a half since Behrouz Biryani launched in Lucknow, and it already has 3 outlets to take away and order from.
USP: This is a biryani brand that wants a pan-India presence, and their attention to taste and packaging is spot on. The brand has spun a story about an ancient kingdom and a royal recipe. The biryanis come in three portions: Shahi, King and Kilo, and the portions are generous! Every order comes with gulab jamun, raita, and mouth freshner.
Varieties: They have some really offbeat flavours. For instance, Bhuna Murgh and Subz-e-Falafel biryani! One thing you must note is that they only do boneless chicken and meat.
NL Review: They have quite a few options for Biryani, but their Murg Queema Kofta Biryani was mind blowing! The biryani was super rich in taste, you will enjoy chicken in every bite you take; the rice was properly cooked and chicken too was succulent and flavourful.
Price: Starts at Rs.275
Timings: 10 am to 2 am
Insta handle: @behrouzbiryani


USP: Not too many biryanis on they menu, but all of them are unique.
Varieties: Gharwali Biryani, Peppy Paneer, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – sounds interesting, right?
NL review: If they want to be different, we can safely say they are different. If you don’t really enjoy the Lakhnawi Biryani, you are likely to enjoy this.
Price: Rs.149 to Rs 299
Timings: 10 am to 2 am
Insta handle: @thebiryanilife


USP: A Lucknow venture, Biryani Pack comes closest in taste and feel to typical Lucknow biryani.
Varieties: They have quite a few options for Biryani – eight in all. From Veg Jack, to Chicken Butter Masala and Classic Egg, they have experimented with quite a few flavours in veg and non-veg biryanis.
NL Review: The taste of Biryani is close to our authentic Lakhnawi Biryani. We tried the Chicken Kalimirch Biryani, and would say it’s worth a try.
Price: Starts at Rs.219
Timings: 12.30 pm to 10.30pm
Insta handle: @biryanipack

What’s your review about this new biryani brands in Lucknow?