The Bengalis in Lucknow will get this right away, but for the rest of us, this could be a revelation! Rasangan, a non-descript mithai shop tucked away in Alambagh has been dishing out this Bengali mithai for the last 35 years, and has quite a fan following!

Lord: a delectable Bengali sweet available at Rasangan, Lucknow
What’s it like?

Lord can trace its origin to Kolkata. It isn’t a rasgolla and it isn’t a rasmalai, but a unique combination of both. We will try to describe what makes this mithai so special. The oblong shaped mithai is made up of chhena, lighter and softer than what you would have tasted in a rasgolla, topped with flavoured evaporated milk, which is lighter and more delicate than cream. The mithai is garnished with pistachio flakes and has a mild sweetness to it.

Also try

We have also heard of (and even tried) other Bengali sweets like sondesh and malai chaap but in the modern trend of fusion desserts, they have come up with new variants of these sweets. We recommend having their Chhena Sondesh, a tender milk & jaggery fudge which melts in the mouth. Made with date palm jaggery, the star ingredient of this sweetmeat is nolen gur. To sweeten the sondesh, they use jaggery instead of white sugar which gives it a robust earthy aromatic flavour.

(L) Malai Chaap and (R) Sondesh

Another variant which you might like is Gurer Malai Chaap. This authentic Bengali sweet is prepared with cow milk, a pinch of cardamom powder and date palm jaggery and is super soft and spongy. How shall we put it… Sinful!

Needless to say, Rasangan’s classic Bengali sweets are mouth-watering and very popular among Bengalis in the city. What you will get here apart from a mouthful of flavour are calories for free and a happy grin!

Lord – ₹400 per kg
Chhena Sondesh – ₹540 per kg
Gurer Malai Chaap – ₹480 per kg
Timings: 8 am to 3 pm and 5 pm to 10 pm
Location: Rasangan, 563/121 Chitra Gupt Nagar, Near Sahni Sai Mandir, Alambagh. Call 8090388559, if you’re lost.