Feeling overwhelmed while looking for an event planner who gets your vibe and transforms your dream event into reality? Breathe easy, because we have found a solution for you: Shahi Weddings by DHK based in Lucknow. Say goodbye to the stress of micro managing details, and hello to a stress-free wedding or event experience.

Why Choose Shahi Weddings?

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Choose Shahi Weddings for all your premium event planning needs. From invitations to hosting your rishtedaars with top-notch hospitality, and from transforming venues into beautiful wonderlands to managing logistics down to the smallest detail, they ensure your events are flawless. Your event deserves nothing less than ‘shahi‘ , i.e. royal treatment – and that’s precisely what Shahi Weddings delivers. From understanding your vision, executing it and delivering it on time – that is the commitment from these event planners.

Beyond Weddings

Shahi Weddings isn’t just about planning weddings, they plan all sorts of events. From milestone anniversary celebrations and birthday extravaganzas to exclusive corporate affairs and top-notch theme parties, they specialize in it all! From the grandest of setups to the smallest details, they will leave no stone unturned to make your event special and exclusive.

Innovative Themes, Unforgettable Events

Whether you want a boho-chic affair, dream of a pastel wonderland, crave a sophisticated sundowner, or want to feel like a royal, they’ve got the magic touch to bring your vision to life! Picture your dream theme, and watch them weave it into an unforgettable experience.

Know The Founders

Shahi Weddings has been founded by Hemant and Dhanishta Khaiwal – the very talented husband-wife duo, who have been in the event planning business for more than 18 years and have planned around 3500 events. Their Lucknow chapter began in 2010 and since then, their journey has been a whirlwind of creative appreciation.

So for your next event, sit back and relax, and let Shahi Weddings weave their magic. Contact them today, and watch your dream event come to life.

Contact: 99991 31358 & 97110 40101
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dhkshahiweddings/