In Lucknow, everyone has a favourite biryani place. But Lalla Biryani, a small eatery in Chowk that serves the most delectable biryanis in Lucknow, is on everyone’s list of favourites. The 32-year-old shop, started by Vijay Shekhar Verma, also happens to be one of the few famous purely non-vegetarian places (they only do mutton dishes – mutton biryani, mutton kebabs, mutton korma) in the city run by a Hindu. But that has little to do with why Lalla’s Biryani is so much in demand!

The biryani is made with pure basmati rice, with succulent pieces of mutton in the traditional dum style. The mutton is cooked to perfection, so that it seems to melt in your mouth. A plate of biryani is enough for a single a person.

Like all non-veg street food shops in Lucknow, Lalla’s Biryani is closed on Tuesdays. And like all such food shops, it opens only in the evening, at 5 p.m. and is open till 10 in the night. If you are feeling adventurous, you can go to the crowded Chowk chauraha to enjoy Lalla’s biryani, or you can order it at home, using one of the many food ordering services that have tied up with Lucknow’s famous eateries.

Price: Rs. 110 for half plate and full plate for ₹220

Location: Chaupatiya Chauraha, Chowk, Lucknow