Ready to make the switch from petrol to electric vehicles but unsure where to start? Look no further than Elite Energy Lucknow! Located in Gomti Nagar, Elite Energy offers two models of electric scooters called Fusion & Cruiser and two models of electric bikes – RZ 46 & Pulse Racer, that promise a sustainable and pocket-friendly substitute to petrol-fuelled vehicles. Charge them for just 3-4 hours and get a hassle-free, noiseless and comfortable ride for 70-140 km! To top that, Elite Energy two-wheelers come with a three-year warranty, making them a reliable, energy-efficient option.

Why go electric with Elite Energy?

Choosing electric with Elite Energy isn’t just about a mode of transport, it’s a lifestyle upgrade. With features like smart locking, USB charging, noiseless rides, reverse mode, digital speedometer and advanced safety measures including smart batteries, hydraulic shocker, disc brakes and anti-theft locks, their electric vehicles redefine convenience. Choose eco-friendly rides for substantial cost savings and effortless maintenance.

Electric Scooter duo

Say hello to Fusion and Cruiser: the electric scooters by Elite Energy! Fusion charges in just 3 hours and goes 70 km per charge at 25 km/hr, while Cruiser takes 6 hours to charge and travels 100 km per charge at speeds up to 70 km/hr. Both the models come in attractive colour options – red, blue, black, and white, and have cool features like central locking, reverse mode, mobile charging, and anti-theft systems.

Electric Bike lineup

Meet RZ 46 and Pulse Racer: the electric bikes at Elite Energy! Both the bikes charge in 4 hours and travel 140 km per charge with speeds going up to at 105 km/hr. RZ 46 is exclusively available in vibrant green, while the Pulse Racer comes in black, blue, and red. Both have some user-friendly features like central locking, anti-theft alarms, reverse and parking modes.

Don’t wait for the future to come knocking; it’s already here! Take the leap and switch to electric vehicles today with Elite Energy. Make a conscious choice for a greener, more efficient tomorrow.

Location: B1/4 Vishesh Khand 2, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
Timings: 10.30 am to 8 pm
Contact: +91 522577252 & +91 9219047569