If you are a fan of Hyderabad cuisine, also called the Deccani Cuisine then you must visit the Hyderabadi Food Festival – ‘Daawat-e-Nizam’, on at Novotel Lucknow till 28th September, 2019. Hyderabadi cuisine is not just the traditional Mughlai style of cooking but it has influences from Turkish, Persian and Arabic cuisines as well. Mostly this cuisine is know for meat eaten with rice, but there’s something here for the vegetarians as well. Dig in!

Start with a  cup of the famous Irani Chai served here in a Kulhad along with the delicious traditional Osmania biscuit. After that, for the non-vegetarians it’s like the heavens have opened their doors. Murg Mussalam, a soft succulent whole chicken prepared in tomato gravy with herbs and spices is definitely a crowd puller here.

Murg Musallam

The main course buffet highlights Haleem – veg and non-veg, which is basically a mash-up of pulses and grains, slow cooked with meat. This is quite popularly eaten during the months of Ramzan in Hyderabad. Basically, some might call it a tweaked up version of the Lucknowi Khichda. Dalcha – a daal-chawal mix, red hot Mirch ka Salan and white rice are some of the typical Hyderabadi dishes you can taste at this festival.


Another star dish to sample at the festival is Mahi Benazir, which is a stew of Lamb Bones. Don’t miss the Talwa Gosht, which is a preparation of mutton with khatti or meethi daal. This dish goes well particularly with rice. The mouth watering Kachey Gosht ki Biryani is a must try and smells divinely of caramelised onions and cardamoms. It usually takes upto 5-6 hours for cooking.

Double-Ka-Meetha, Gil-e-Firdous a sweet dish made from grated bottle gourd (lauki) and Rasmalai are traditional Hyderabadi desserts brought to Lucknow by Novotel at this festival.

The traditional desserts

Price: Rs. 1190 + taxes per head
Location: The Square Restaurant, Novotel, Gomti Nagar Lucknow
Date and Time: On till September 28th, 2019; 7.30 pm to 11 pm
Contact: 78000 04068