Sunday, April 4th is Easter – a day when Christians commemorate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Easter eggs are usually used as gifts on the occasion of Easter. Now Lucknow has curated a list of places from where you can get Easter eggs.

Traditionally, Easter eggs were dyed and painted chicken eggs, but nowadays, that is substituted with chocolate eggs or sugar eggs, filled with candies and toffees. Now Lucknow has rounded up places for both kinds of Easter eggs. Take your pick:

Sugar Easter Eggs

Before Piñata cakes became popular, we had sugar Easter eggs. These were the most common type of Easter eggs available in Lucknow and are still available at the following bakeries:

Packs of two Easter eggs available at Good Bakery, Lucknow

GOOD BAKERY, KAISERBAGH: Available in Chocolate and Coconut varieties, a pack of two Easter Eggs comes for ₹220.
Location: Near Anand Cinema, Kaiserbagh, Lucknow
APOLLO BAKERY: One of the oldest bakeries in Lucknow, and one of the first few in the city to make Easter Eggs, Apollo Bakery is doing Easter eggs in Chocolate, Vanilla and Butterscotch flavours for ₹30 each.
Location: Opposite St. Francis College, Shahnajaf Road, Lucknow
PAT-A-CAKE: Easter eggs will be available from Saturday, April 3rd in Vanilla flavour only, each piece costs ₹50.
Location: 17-1A, Madan Mohan Malviya Marg, Lucknow

Chocolate Eggs

These eggs are made of white or dark chocolate and are smaller in size than the sugar eggs. Also prettier to look at! You can get some of the pretty ones here:

Chocolate eggs by Yours Breadly

YOURS BREADLY BY VENUKA: This home baker is cooking up the prettiest chocolate easter eggs by, which are 100% eggless! Filled with a rich chocolate brownie and a luscious chocolate ganache, these Easter eggs come in a pack of 4 for ₹199.
Contact: Whatsapp on 70373 58383 to place your orders now

Either / Or / More

CAKE O’CLOCK: Another enterprising home baker, Shriya Mahendru’s Cake O’Clock is whipping up the prettiest Easter eggs made of chocolate pudding, fresh fruits, chocolates, wafers etc. The entire nest is edible too! It costs ₹1600 for 1200 gm.
Contact: 9554444462 to place your orders

Cake O’Clock’s Easter surprise

MACARON: Macaron by Avni Mehan has a full fledged Easter menu, which includes sugar and chocolate eggs, hot cross buns, Easter egg piñata and Easter chocolate bars. They also have Easter baskets (₹1200) and boxes (₹800), which are ideal for gifting.
Location: 54-A/11, Basement, 01, Prag Narayan Rd, Butler Colony, Lucknow

Easter Hampers from Macaron

MR. BROWN: They are also stocking up on both sugar and chocolate Easter eggs. The sugar eggs are for ₹120 a piece, and the chocolates ones are available for ₹1800 per kg.
Locations: Sapru Marg, Aliganj, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

JJ BAKERS: They do the old school piñata eggs, filled with toffees and decorated with colourful sugar icing in two sizes – big (₹90) and small (₹70). But they’ve also introduced the chocolate eggs, with a butterscotch filling.
Locations: Ashok Marg, Park Road, Kapoorthala, Nirala Nagar, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow