Planning a wedding? We are here to help with the tiniest details. Like finding the right person to tie the safa and pagdi for the baratis, gharatis and the groom!

Remember Vinod Mehendi Artist? Yes, one of the most professional mehendiwalas in Lucknow. He’s now expanded his services to include Safa and Pagdi tying and Mehendi décor and photo booth set-ups. Cool na?

Safa-tying services
Some safa styles from Vinod Mehendi Artist

Vinod’s team of mehendi artists are not only known for their fine hand work but also for their professionalism and soft-skills. Now his team also has experts to tie different styles of pagdis. He also provides a wide variety of pagdi material and colors to choose from. Whether you like soft pastels to go with your wedding outfit or prefer the traditional lehariya or bandhini prints in matching hues for the entire family, they’ve got it all. Ask them to bring along some pagdi accessories if you prefer an even grander look, like Ladkewala or Ladkiwala brooches and kalgis.

Mehendi Decor
Mehendi and mehendi set-up by Vinod Mehendi Artist

Cute decor and photo booths at pre-wedding functions never fail to impress. After all, they do give you your most fun photos! You can contact Vinod and his team for fun décor and set-up such as a floral mehendi stage, photo corners with bright décor elements such as umbrellas, kites, strings, cages, cut-outs etc. You can choose to brainstorm with him or simply show him the Pinterest idea you’ve been saving up. 

With Vinod Mehendi Artist, you can easily avoid the trouble of dealing with multiple vendors and enjoy the mehendi or tilak ceremony like the rest of the guests!


Mehendi starts at ₹100 a hand, for Bridals at ₹3000
For Pagdi tying that includes the cloth material, they start at ₹300 per person.
For décor services, pricing as per customisation

Location: Behind A to Z Bangle, Natkheta Road, Alambagh, Lucknow
+91 92350 99051, + 91 72719 14700