Where do you get 100% pesticide free greens in Lucknow? With their own hydroponic farm in Lucknow, Beyond Organic is growing and selling fresh, organic greens to homes & food businesses in the city.

“We started in 2018 with a vision to create easy and accessible options for a healthier living. We want to be able to deliver fresh and healthy eating options in a sustainable manner to our customers,” says Dipankar Gupta, co-owner, Beyond Organic.

What can you order from Beyond Organic?
Custom-made salad mix boxes by Beyond Organic

Exotic and classic greens, and some veggies too. They are currently growing a variety of lettuce such as Lollo Bionda, Lollo Rossa, Romaine and also some popular greens such as Kale, Swiss Chards, Bok Choy, a variety of Basil, Baby Spinach, microgreens, Parsley and even Cherry Tomatoes and Cucumbers.

They also provide custom-made salad mix boxes starting at ₹200 only. These are convenient to order and super easy to use. Beyond Organic also offers a subscription model where they will be happy to drop off a bag of fresh mixed greens every week at your doorstep.

What is a hydroponic farm?
A hydroponic farm setup grows plants without soil but with the help of mineral and nutrient rich water. It is a climate controlled indoor farming method, that’s sustainable, resource friendly and more efficient than traditional farming methods.

You can Grow your own Microgreens & Vegetables too!

In their effort to spread awareness and make choosing healthy a convenient option, Beyond Organic also provides home-kits, systems and solutions to help set up your own hydroponic farm. The team will be happy to take you through every step of the process, install everything at your place and even help maintain it through regular visits. If you feel you do not want to set up and maintain a full fledged hydroponic farm, you can opt for their DIY Kits to grow your own microgreens for personal consumption.

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