Whether you have just moved into a new house or if you want to light up’your house for the upcoming festivities, this is one market that will cater to all your electronic and electrical needs. The market at the very busy Naka-Hindola junction is supposedly more than 30 years old and has grown considerably in this period of time.


1. Electronic Spare Parts
If you are missing an attachment for your mixer-grinder or if your television panel needs changing, then there are a few shops here that will be able to help you out. As you enter the market, on your left side are few shops that deal in these spare parts.
Recommended shop: Gupta Radios

2. Home Appliances and Electronics (Retail)
From big buys like televisions and double-door refrigerators to small ones like electric kettles and steam irons, this market has it all. Moving few metres inside the market, there are countless shops dealing in these products lined on either side of the road. You have a variety of brands to choose from – Samsung, LG, Philips, Kenstar etc. Though most of the market sells original and genuine goods, there are a few shops that fleece the customers by selling them duplicate ones, especially LED television sets.
NL Tip: If you want to know whether or not your chosen product is genuine or an imitation, just run your finger over the brand logo. A genuine brand logo will give you the feeling of being engraved on the product whereas the fake one would merely be a sticker.
Recommended shops: Yarana Sales Corporation, G Kumar

3. Home Appliances and Electronics (Wholesale)
This part of the market is known as the Khoya Mandi and is lined with shops that are mainly wholesalers in these goods. Interestingly, these merchants are called cutters as they keep their ‘cut’ or ‘commission’ in every deal. It is up to the buyer to crack as best a deal as he can. The market enjoys patronage of many a people from smaller towns like Jagdishpur and Rae Bareily, who purchase the stock in bulk and retail it back home.
Recommended shops: Shiv Electronics, KN Electronics

4. Phones
Up next are the Ambar Market and Preet Market, which deal in phones – cell phones, landline phones, phone repairs and phone accessories like earphones, phone chargers, phone USB’s, scratch guards etc. You will also find popular gaming consoles like Playstation. The shops deal in both retail and wholesale. Usually, this market remains shut on Thursday.
Recommended shops: GH Marketing, Zee Electronics

5. Electricals
Last on the list is the market on the Gurudwara Road, which specializes in electricals and electric fittings. You will find an array of lighting options here too – lampshades, chandeliers, different types of bulbs and tube-lights as well as fairy lights for festive décor.
Recommended shop: G Sales, Bhartiya Electricals

6. CDs
We don’t promote piracy, however, that does not take away from the fact that there is a flourishing market of pirated film CDs in Naka, where you can get CDs of even relatively new film releases.

If your shopping has exhausted you and made you hungry, then you can enjoy a variety of food options in the area like tikki chaat, samosa, chole puri or the very popular Veg Kabab Paratha and Veg Biryani located next to the Naka Gurudwara.

Timings: All markets are open throughout the week, from 10.00 a.m. to as late as 11 p.m.