Did you know Chowk’s 200-year-old phool mandi has a new address? You can now find most wholesale flower sellers at a new space designated for them in Gomti Nagar at the Kisan Bazar, located right opposite the One Awadh Centre mall.

Scenes from the New Phool Mandi

You can still find shops in Chowk phool mandi for marigold flowers, most of the other shops have moved to Gomti Nagar in October, 2019. This shift came as a shock not just to the locals but also to the traders, and the florists did resist this change, but in vain.

File photo of the Phool Mandi at Kanchan Market, Chowk

You will also find that the new mandi doesn’t have the same number of shops nor the same crowd of buyers that one used to find in Kanchan Market. But on the positive side, the new Phool Mandi is cleaner, and a total delight to your eyes. From roses and carnations, to lilies and gladioli, you can find all your regular and exotic flowers here, in all the beautiful colour options.

The Phool Mandi is where vendors, florists, flower sellers and wedding designers head to, to buy flowers in bulk. And if you want to try some kind of flower decoration, can always get flowers at wholesale prices from here.

What’s the difference in the price of flowers available here and at retails shops? Flowers bought in bulk from the Phool Mandi cost one third of how much they cost at a retail shop. The beautiful looking flowers are piled up and laid down in the street and you are sure to find better deals as you dig deeper in the market.

Scenes from the New Phool Mandi

As you enter the mandi, you will find a hall on your right, where you will find flower decoration accessories like foam, bamboo base for bouquets, colourful nets, pearls and more. They will also arrange a bouquet for you, you just have to take your flowers to them.

NL Tip: Try to reach the market as early you possibly can, so that you get better deals and stock.

Timing: 6.30 am to 10.30 am
Location: Kisan Bazar, Vibhuti Khand, Opposite One Awadh Centre, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow