Imagine you are taking a stroll in an herb garden and you catch a whiff of mint, a waft of mogra or your hand lightly brushes against lavender or rosemary bushes and your senses are filled with delightful and calming aromas. Now imagine, those fragrances in your home! Flicker by Michelle has introduced a range of aromatic candles, wax sachets and wax melts in Lucknow, that will leave your home smelling of beautiful aromas.

Started as a hobby, Michelle Fanthome’s fragrant candles found immense popularity and led her to expand and add more categories to Flicker. 

What can you buy?

JAR CANDLES: These are candles in a reusable glass jar of 100ml to 500ml capacity. Best for lighting in bedrooms, dining areas and drawing rooms. These burn for 12-36 hrs depending upon the size. What we absolutely loved is the fact that once its over, you can take the same jar to Michelle for a refill. A sustainable option! 

WAX SACHETS: Introducing for the first time in Lucknow, pockets of soy wax or bees wax with dried herbs, leaves or whole spices wax sachets can be easily kept in drawers, hung in the wardrobe, left on bathroom shelves. They are best around children as they don’t involve any chemical air fresheners and are a 100% safe.

WAX MELTS: Wax melts are your convenient alternative to essential oils for humidifiers and diffusers. Once the tealight goes off, the wax melts will solidify again and be ready for use for the next time. You needn’t worry about putting in too much or too less oil and can even change fragrance more easily with melts.

Fragrances: You can choose from Vanilla, Lavender, Strawberry, Green apple, Coffee, Cinnamon, Citronella, Fresh water, Lemongrass, Orange, Jasmine, Pine, Blueberry and Mogra

Great for Gifting

With the festive season almost upon us, Michelle has also prepared Aroma Gift Hampers which you can customize as per your budget and need. An easy and hassle-free gift hamper, we’d say!


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