Lights, camera, action! Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, a professional, a passionate dreamer with an eye for AV medium or simply enjoy dabbling in filmmaking as a hobby, we’ve got great news for you! The Lucknow Film Forum’s (LFF) is back with their Season 2 of their Short Film Making Festival : Aao Film Banaye. The LFF has opened registration for the film festival from March 15 and will close on April 30, 2024. At LFF, they prioritise passion and creativity over big names and fancy equipment, aiming to inspire, educate, and entertain audiences with a carefully curated selection of films.

Who can participate?

Anyone and everyone! Yes, you read that right. Whether you’re an aspiring director, a budding filmmaker, a media student, or simply someone with a story to share, entries from all are welcome. And no, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve shot your film on your phone or with a camera. They just want to see your film and your creativity. Register now and let your imagination soar! Just remember to read the rules and regulations carefully before entering!

About LFF

Lucknow Film Forum is all about giving talented filmmakers a stage to showcase their creativity. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, they welcome you with open arms. Get ready to celebrate diversity in storytelling as they bring together short films from across the globe. And guess what? This time, they’re rolling out a special category for mobile filmmakers — so grab your phone and get filming! Other categories include Feature films, Documentaries, Uttar Pradesh’s Spiritual Circuit and the LFF Challenge. Plus, the festival not just about screenings — it’s a chance for aspiring filmmakers to mingle with industry experts, learn, and grow together.

LFF Challenge: Make-a-difference

Unleash your creativity for a cause at Lucknow Film Forum’s Short Film Festival! Besides regular categories, they have reserved a spot for films showcasing NGOs’ impactful stories. Dive into their origins and societal contributions with a 5-minute film. LFF invites colleges, universities to urge their media students to participate and produce shorts focusing on NGOs or a specific cause. Winners of this segment will receive certificates and cash prizes!

Apart from all this, get ready for guest sessions with industry pros—actors, directors, writers, and more! It’s not just a festival; it’s a journey into the heart of cinema. So grab your camera/phone, find your cause, and make a difference!

Call for Volunteers

Join the excitement! Lucknow Film Forum (LFF) is calling for volunteers to be part of their grand festival. Collaborate with their creative team to make the event unforgettable! Volunteers will assist in organising the festival and receive perks and certificates as a token of appreciation.

Film Registration Link: https://www.lucknowfilmforum.com/events/lucknowshortfilmfestivals2
For more details visit: https://www.lucknowfilmforum.com/
Entry Fee: ₹1500 per film
Contact: 73555 09224