You will be blown away by the sheer variety of paans available at this “Family Paan Parlour”. Priced between Rs. 40 and (hold your breath) Rs. 1100, the paans at the Mast Banarasi Paan shop are anything but ordinary.  They have everything from Paan Shots and Shakes, to frozen paans, Fire & Ice Paans, Paan Thalis, Chatni Paan and Dry Fruit Paans. Pretty much impossible to try everything they have on the menu, but here are some interesting flavours we sampled at their Gomti Nagar outlet:

PAAN SHOT: Ice, paan leaves and some sweet coconut mixture, churned in the mixer to create this cool, paan-flavoured shot. Great for the novelty factor, but repeat value is low.
Price: Rs. 40

CHILDREN SPECIAL CHOCOLATE AND KIT-KAT PAAN: Yes, they do have three separate paan varieties for kids, but if you ask us, the elders will enjoy it just as much! One of the best chocolate paans we’ve had! It’s a meetha paan, with a fine coating of chocolate over it, frozen. A little too hard for children to bite into. There’s also a Kit-Kat Paan, which comes with a piece of Kit-Kat chocolate on top of it.
Price: Rs. 40

DRY FRUIT PAAN: These are also pre-made paans, kept in a freezer, and made with toppings of different flavours like Vanilla Ice Cream, Malai, Rabri and Butter Scotch. We tried the Roasted Almond paan, and it wasn’t bad.
Price: Rs.50

SUHAAG PAAN & KOHINOOR PAAN: The most expensive paans on the menu! The Suhaag paan comes in a pair (for the bride and groom) and the Kohinoor Paan, presumably for the groom only, has to be pre-ordered. Intriguing as the names are, the panwadi at the shop was quite shy to talk about what its ingredients are, and so, we couldn’t try these. But it did leave us very curious!
Price: Suhaag Paan for Rs. 500 and Kohinoor Paan for Rs. 1100

Locations: 4/211, Vivek Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
Indira Nagar Main Rd, Sector 1, Block C, Indira Nagar, Lucknow