We chanced upon Nosh, a unique home-grown brand from Lucknow that had our interest from the word go. Nosh is a food brand from one of the oldest families in Lucknow, where every member just loves to call themselves food connoisseurs! What do they make? Achars, chutneys, sauces, and the most delicious carrot cake ever!


We figured they all were indeed foodies, like a true Lucknowite, when they told us how Nosh came about to be! The taste of South India wrapped in typical North Indian style, Nosh brings a unique blend of flavours from both the worlds on the table.


Everything is homemade, and you can taste the love and care they have put into crafting each item. Not gushing, just saying.
Attention to detail is something Nosh excels at. Look at their packaging! The quirky one-liners, and instructions – you have to have a sense of humour to appreciate it. Preservatives are called Nasties and ingredients are replaced with ‘things that go into the cauldron’ to cook up their magic potions.  Cute na?
Also, everything comes with a Best Before date, essential to ensuring good food quality.


Here’s what we tried from their chic and tasteful menu which was a delight to go through. We have also put up a our review videos and you can view them here:

CARROT LOAF CAKE: If you had to order just one thing from Nosh’s menu, let it be this! Crispy on the outside and super soft on the inside, all of us fell in love with this tea cake. Baked in bread tins, it tastes best with tea and coffee. We decided to heat it up a bit and indulge with a dollop of ice cream on top. It’s a 10/10 and we’re ordering it again. Every Single Day!

SALTED CARAMEL SAUCE: Neither too sticky nor too runny, the salted caramel sauce is of perfect consistency and taste. Nosh suggests having it with apple and banana slices, however we drizzled it on the carrot loaf and savored every bit of it. With no preservatives (or nasties, as they love to say), it has a refrigerated shelf life of 60 days. If you love something salty to go with your sweet, Nosh’s Salted Caramel Sauce can be your yummy option.

ESTELA: A home-grown brand in Lucknow couldn’t have missed on the mangoes. Estela or a jar of mulled mango jam reminds you of the meethi aam ki chutney your grandmother would make! But it’s more than that, because its not all meetha but tangy and comes with a hint of spice. Tastes yum with bread or pancakes.

BARON – STUFFED CHILLIE ACHAR: What makes Nosh’s green chillie pickle different is it’s filling. Stuffed with kachi kairi or unripe mangoes, they add a unique twist to the typical mirchi ka achaar. A saviour for those who can’t handle too hot but love some pickle with regular dal chawal or mathri to add an instant kick of flavours.

VERVE and ELAN: As enigmatic as their names, Verve and Elan appeal very well to a certain palette with their unique blends. Verve is dry garlic chutney that definitely packs a punch! Elan, a unique blend of spices in Arhar Dal, reveals its best of aromas when mixed with melted ghee or butter. We had them as condiments with home-cooked lemon rice and it definitely added to its character. Try Verve with Vada Pav and Elan with Appams. You’ll love it!

With a starting range at Rs. 100, they go very easy on the pocket! So, what are you planning to order first? 

Ask for their entire menu on: 70805 06067