The cutest little place in Lucknow with the juiciest burgers is this – Poker. Tucked away on the busy Sapru Marg street, Poker is a ‘pop-in’ joint that specialises in popular American food. The blue interiors have a cooling effect and the funny anecdotes on the walls about Poker, the card game, will have you hooked!

But of course, it’s the food that we love most about this place. Poker serves a variety of American favourites like hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, shakes, and some snacks borrowed from other parts of the world as well. Like nachos and garlic bread, and of course, fries.


The quintessentially American – game snack, Poker has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available. You can choose to have a crispy potato – herb – cheese hot dog or a spicy chicken salami or if you prefer your Indian tastes, then probably a Chicken Seekh Hot Dog is more for you.
Price: Rs. 149 onwards


Who doesn’t love a burger on the go? We sure do! And when you have so many to choose from, whomever can we blame? From the classic veggie patty burgers to the ones with different cuts of chicken, there are more than 20 burgers to choose from.
Price: Rs. 69 onwards


It’s not just the burgers that they have a huge variety in but also fries. Peri-Peri fries? Yes. Mixed herb fries? Yes. Chocolate fries? A definite yes!
Price: Rs. 79 onwards


If you love a good sandwich, then you sure will be excited to learn that Poker has a little something for everyone. For the vegetarians, there is the classic chilly cheese toast whereas a chicken ham sandwich would make any carnivore wanting more. They also have yummy garlic breads on the menu.
Price: Rs. 129 onwards


What better way to down all that yummy food than lusciously thick shakes? From the all time favourites such as vanilla and strawberry to the divinely delicious chocolate hazelnut, these shakes are what you need on a hot summer day.
Price: Rs.109 onwards

Location: SAS House, Dalippur Towers, Next to Keventers, Sapru Marg, Hazratganj