Jeevaniya Naturals in Aliganj, Lucknow is a store that makes sustainable living and healthy choices easier for us to adopt in day-to-day life. How? By offering a range of products that are organic and handmade, that you can trust 100%. From ration to desi snacks, sherbets, home decor and home utility, they have everything that you could think of, only healthier. The bamboo-shelves lend an earthy feel to the store, instantly conveying the brand’s ethos to the customer.

“Using principles of traditional Indian health and wellness systems (AYUSH), Jeevaniya Naturals provides health & farming knowledge, products and counselling services for a wholesome healthy lifestyle under one roof,” says Deepti Mehrotra, the Founder of Jeevaniya Naturals.

Holi Special

The store has Holi Utsav on till till March 31, with handcrafted products sourced directly from farmers, rural women and artisans through NGOs like Virmansha, Ehsaas, Food Bank, Banwasi Seva Ashram, Tula and Charkha. The exhibition not only lets you make an eco-friendly choice for your celebrations but also helps you go Vocal for Local for rural women, farmers and local artisans. What we absolutely loved:
🌀Organic Gulal – Their organic gulal is edible since its made of arrowroot powder making it completely safe for kids and adults alike.

🌀Holi Pakwan – Looking for healthier versions of gujiyas and namkeen without compromising on taste? This is where you should go! Wheat gujiyas, mathris and namak pare, handmade chips and papad made of organic potatoes, healthy laddoos, chemical-free achaar, desi flavour sherbets and more!

🌀Home Décor & Gifting – The store is bedecked with handmade colourful latkans and bandhanwars, decorative kites in bright hues among other ornamental macrame hangings and dream catchers. Also available are home utility items upcycled from katrans or cut cloth pieces like table mats, table runners, coasters, hand embroidered/painted bags etc. 

Ration & Grocery

The store also hosts a huge variety of organic and unpolished rice variety like Kala Namak, Red Rice, Brown Rice, rice for Diabetics; organic pulses, masalas, cooking oils and even healthy snacks, amla candies, breakfast cereals, dry fruits, cold pressed cooking oils and essential oils.

A variety of Organic Rice and Pulses are available at Jeevaniya Naturals, Lucknow

Gluten free flour options like Quinoa flour, Multigrain flour, chana/bajra/jowar aata, Ramdana aata, Ragi flour… the variety is incredible! Their A2 Ghee and Forest Honey come highly recommended.

Immunity Booster Teas and Churans

If you don’t trust commercial varieties of herbal and green teas available in the market, check out Jeevaniya’s range of teas. Everything fancy but organic!

You will also find the most interesting churnas for those who believe in the Ayurveda system of medicine and lifestyle. Giloy, Arjun, Shatawari, and other common and not-so-common churnas are available here.

Sustainable Living

Bamboo straws, steel straws, bamboo toothbrushes, coir dishwashers, microwave safe and biodegradable, disposable crockery made of sugarcane bagasse, and 100% biodegradable tissue rolls are just some of the things that have people returning to Jeevaniya Naturals. You can also shop here for organic clothing and handwoven dupattas.

Jeevaniya Naturals finds its roots in Jeevaniya Society, dedicated to the cause of traditional farming and health systems. If you’ve been looking at a trustworthy store to make that shift to healthy and conscious living, look no further and head to Jeevaniya for your shopping!

Location: B-17, Sector G, Aliganj, Puraniya main road, next to Plant House Nursery, Lucknow
Contact number: +91 70808 25825

Social media handles:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jeevaniyanaturals/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JeevaniyaNaturals/