Can healthy food be delicious? Of course yes, if you are at Holy Monkey – the coolest new addition to Lucknow’s food scene. This cutesy place in Mahanagar, serves some innovative and delicious grub. What makes this joint different from others are two things – one, it is exclusively for take away and two, its focus is to promote healthy food habits. It also has the cutest little mascot called Jojo, who promises to tantalize your taste buds!

Holy Monkey has been started with the aim to add a more healthy and nutritious twist on some of our most loved beverages and nibbles. So if you too are a health freak, then Holy Monkey is the place where you can get gluten–free, dairy-free and lip-smacking food. And hey, if you are wondering about the nutritional value, you can just log onto their website and see the detailed nutrition information of every single item! Holy Monkey offers a wide menu. Here’s what you can expect:

Cold-pressed juices
Cold-pressed juices make for a great detox beverage and Holy Monkey has made sure you sip on delicious flavours, while their ingredients do wonders for your health. There is absolutely no preservative or colour or even sugar added to them.
Our favourite: The Looser – a concoction of turmeric, orange, lemon, ginger and agave nectar which is helpful in aiding weight loss. Equally delicious and healthy is the Go Skinny and Heart Beet.

Smoothie Bowls
Yup, you read that right. Its not just a smoothie, it is an entire meal in itself. There are a number of flavours for you to try, each with their unique blend of ingredients – the hero of each smoothie bowl is a super food and they are all curd based. For when you are on the go, just grab a smoothie bowl and you’re set!
Our favourite: Go Bright – a smoothie blend of blueberry and mango, topped with honey, banana and almonds. We love the taste and feel of different textures as we dig deep into the different layers.

Regular Smoothies
If you prefer your smoothie the old-fashioned way and yet want to experiment with something new, Holy Monkey offers 4 delicious smoothies.
Our favourite: Glowing Eclipse – a smoothie blend of custard apple and mint. Slurp!

Healthy and wholesome, there are a number of yummy salad to choose from.
Our favourite: Sweet Love – with grilled chicken, olives and bell peppers deliciously balanced with Hawaiian pineapple dressing and Buddha Bowl – a combination of brown rice, exotic seasonal veggies and quinoa in a sweet chilli vinaigrette.

Monkey Shakes
Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? With over five varieties of hearty milk shakes, there is something for everyone.
Our favourite: Morning Master – coffee, hazelnut, sprinkles, KitKat and Whipped Cream!

Wraps, Grilled Sandwiches and Burgers
Our favourites: Get Courageous wrap with grilled zucchini, chicken and pineapple salsa ; Hasta La Vista sandwich with tomato, olives, basil and cheese ; and the Veggie Delight burger!

Teas and Coffees
From Passion Fruit Iced Tea to Toasted Coconut Cold Coffee to the very popular Cappuccino, they have it all!

Timings: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Address: Shop No.1, B 162 Mandir Marg, Gole Market, Mahanagar